Graduate Resources

Although the Harris Center does not currently administer a graduate program or certificate in Jewish studies, our faculty supervises graduate students within their home departments. If you are interested in pursuing an MA or Ph.D. at UNL, begin by visiting the Office of Graduate Studies, and also the website of the appropriate department. In recent years, graduate students interested in Jewish Studies have enrolled in M.A. and Ph.D. programs in the Departments of History, Political Science, Sociology, Modern Languages and Literatures, English and Philosophy, among others. Once admitted, students are encouraged to contact the Harris Center to inquire about affiliation or to make an appointment with the Jewish Studies program advisor.

The Harris Center is particularly proud of its faculty’s interdisciplinary strengths in such areas as Holocaust studies, Near Eastern studies, Israel and the Middle East, early Judaism and Jewish history, Jewish identities and human rights and social justice. A program of study in any of these fields could be organized under the aegis of a relevant department, with support from the Harris Center in locating appropriate courses and faculty.

Once enrolled in a degree program, graduate students may also want to pursue a formal interdisciplinary specialization or minor in one of the following: