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Get Involved

Build experience, skills, friendships and connections that will last a lifetime

We have a very active community that helps make the department truly unique. Take advantage of these events and activities.

The Hillel-Jewish Student Association

Hillel is the largest foundation for Jewish campus life in the world. Our group at UNL holds a pluralistic vision of Judaism and understands that Jewish students on campus come from very diverse backgrounds, both within North America and from other continents.


Jewish Studies in Nebraska

In addition to the Harris Center for Judaic Studies, there are two other academic Jewish Studies programs in Nebraska.

Jewish Studies-The Big Ten/CIC

University of Nebraska students may wish to consider CIC member institutions for summer session courses in Jewish Studies.

The Jewish Community

Information on cultural and educational institutions in Nebraska.

Education Abroad

It’s critical for students to experience different cultures first-hand. The UNL Education Abroad office should be your starting point for exploration.

Summer Programs in the U.S.

Learn more about summer programs that are offered by well-established, accredited American universities.