Summer Programs in the U.S.


The following summer programs are offered by well-established, accredited American universities. Most grant transferable university credits, and many offer financial aid. Programs include general Jewish Studies, intensive Hebrew, and Yiddish language, literature, and culture.

The Harris Center offers travel grants for undergraduate and graduate students on a competitive basis.

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General Jewish Studies

Summer Program, Jewish Theological Seminary

New York City - Jewish thought, Jewish-Christian relations, Talmud, academic study of the Bible, the Jewish prayer book, Jewish history, Israeli culture, and more. Three summer sessions with a wide selection of courses. One summer session available for undergraduates, two for graduate students. Instruction in English, using texts in the original language (English translations available). Academic credit and scholarships available.


INTENSIVE Hebrew Language

Intensive Hebrew Summer Session, Jewish Theological Seminary

New York City - Social and cultural events in addition to intensive Hebrew language instruction at all levels, elementary through advanced. Academic credit and scholarships available.


Hebrew Immersion Summer Language Program, Middlebury College

Middlebury, VT- Opened in the summer of 2008, the Brandeis University-Middlebury School of Hebrew combines the Hebrew language curriculum developed at Brandeis University with the immersion-learning environment for which the Middlebury Language Schools have been known for nearly a century. Outside the classroom, students participate in organized Hebrew-language co-curricular activities—including soccer, theater, story-telling, and film club—each designed to help build new vocabulary while developing cultural fluency. Five levels of Hebrew from beginner to advanced. Emphasis on Modern Hebrew, with an option to study Biblical Hebrew. Seven weeks. Open to students at all levels. Financial aid available.


Hebrew Language Summer Institute, Brandeis University

Waltham, MA (a suburb of Boston) - Not offered 2013. A four-week intensive program in Hebrew language and literature, beginning through advanced. Offers instruction, cultural activities, day trips to sites of interest, and lectures on Israeli culture and on Jewish life in America. Individual tutoring available. Language lab, Hebrew-language films, and Hebrew editions of familiar games are available for student use. Open to students at all levels. 


Intensive Language Study Program, University of Chicago

Chicago, IL - Intensive Modern Hebrew. Condenses the material typically taught during a ten-week quarter into a concentrated three-week format. Students taking a three-course sequence over nine weeks of summer school will cover all of the material that is usually taught over an academic year. Open to undergraduates and graduate students.


Hebrew Summer Language Program, University of Virginia

Charlottesville, VA - Intensive Modern Hebrew. Provides students with no previous knowledge of Hebrew with an intensive, highly accelerated language learning environment. Confers 12 credit hours and covers the equivalent of 2 years of language study. By the end of the program, students will have equally developed all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing), and will be prepared to become successful participants in Hebrew-speaking environments both inside and outside an academic setting.


Summer Language Institute, University of Washington

Seattle, WA - One of the nation's largest summer intensive foreign language programs. Nine-week session: choose Biblical or modern Hebrew. Elementary level only. Equivalent of one year of a college-level foreign language (15 credits). Open to undergraduates and graduate students.


Intensive Biblical Hebrew Summer Language Institute, University of Texas

Austin, TX - Not offered 2013. An intensive ten-week summer program in first-year Biblical Hebrew, equivalent to one full academic year. Includes daily tutoring sessions. Cultural program with weekly lectures, guest speakers, and museum visits. All qualified undergraduate and graduate students interested in Biblical Hebrew, Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, or Semitic languages are encouraged to apply (competitive admission by application). Course assumes no background in Hebrew.


Summer Hebrew Program, American Jewish University

Los Angeles, CA - Seven-week intensive Hebrew language program. Offers multiple levels of Hebrew, including both Modern and Biblical; confers eight credit-hours . Formerly known as the University of Judaism, the American Jewish University is a fully accredited collegiate institution offering degrees in many academic disciplines in addition to Jewish Studies. Open to all students, regardless of ethnic, religious, or cultural background.


Summer Ulpan (Hebrew), University of San Francisco

San Francisco, CA - Three-week intensive Hebrew language program on the campus of the University of San Francisco. Offers multiple levels of Hebrew instruction in small class settings, with emphasis is placed on conversation, accompanied by reading, writing, and grammar. University credit is not currently available.


Yiddish Language, Literature, and Culture

Summer Workshop in Yiddish, Indiana University

Bloomington, IN - First-year Yiddish, offered as part of the IU Summer Program in Slavic, East European, and Central European Languages (SWSEEL). Up to 200 participants attend SWSEEL each year. Course provides 8 hours of undergraduate or 6 hours of graduate credit. Course is equivalent to one year of academic work and meets 20 hours per week. Instruction is Monday to Friday from 9 to 12 with additional morning or afternoon conversation classes. Films and lectures are offered as part of the cultural program. Financial aid available. Fellowships available for graduate students on a competitive basis.


The Steiner Summer Yiddish Program, Yiddish Book Center/University of Massachusetts

Amherst, MA - Offers college students a tuition-free, seven-week exploration of Yiddish language and culture. Six undergraduate college credits are be available through the University of Massachusetts.  No prior knowledge of Yiddish is required. No tuition.


Uriel Weinreich Program in Yiddish Language, Literature, and Culture, Bard College

New York City - Offers instruction in the Yiddish language and in-depth exploration of the literature and culture of East European/American Jewry. The core of the program is an intensive, 4-credit language course (at one of three levels—elementary, intermediate, or advanced) that meets five days a week and is designed to develop proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing, as well as cultural literacy. Total of 5 credits available. Open to undergraduates and graduate students. Scholarships available.

Universities in Vilnius, Lithuania and Tel Aviv, Israel offer Yiddish summer programs that are open to American students.