Minor in Jewish Studies


The minor in Jewish Studies is for students of all backgrounds who are interested in history, religion, culture and society, politics, literature, foreign languages, and the arts. It is particularly well suited for students majoring in History, Classics and Religious Studies, Political Science, Philosophy, Sociology, and Global Studies, as courses for those majors count toward the minor in Jewish Studies. Jewish Studies is a tremendously broad field, with potential relevance to virtually every major and program of study in the humanities and social sciences. Students in Psychology, Communications, and Journalism often undertake the minor, and students in Pre-Law, Pre-Health, and Education find much of interest there as well.

The Jewish Studies minor at UNL is distinctive in its breadth of coverage -- ranging from the period of the Dead Sea Scrolls to the middle ages, from contemporary Israeli politics to the diversity of Jewish life around the world -- and in its emphasis on providing understanding of Jewish culture, religion, and history to non­Jewish students.

In addition, students enrolled in the minor are eligible for several scholarship and grants. Learn more on the Scholarships page.


Students are encouraged to meet with the Jewish Studies program advisor as early as possible to discuss their intention to pursue the minor. Courses with significant Jewish Studies content that are not listed below, including “Special Topics” courses, may be approved as electives on a case-by-case basis. Students may also petition to have independent study or study abroad counted toward the minor.

Jewish History


The minor has two parts: threee core courses (9hrs.) , and four electives. It requires a total of 18 credit hours (six 3-credit courses):

  1. 9 credit hours (3 core courses) from:
    JUDS 219, Intro to Jewish History;  
    JUDS 350, Literature of Judaism;
    JUDS 333, Jews in the Modern World;
    JUDS 339, The Holocaust;
    JUDS 205, Introduction to the Hebrew Bible.
  2. 9 credit hours of electives (typically four 3-credit courses) in any combination from List 1 and List 2, below, or otherwise approved by the program advisor

All courses counted toward the minor must be taken for a letter grade: credits earned using the Pass/No Pass option will not be approved.

Undergraduate catalog

List 1 – Jewish Studies (JUDS)

JUDS 205 Intro to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament (RELG 205)

JUDS 209 Judaism and Christianity in Conflict and Coexistence (RELG 209)*

JUDS 217 Israel: The Holy Land (HIST 217/RELG 217)

JUDS 245J Jewish American Fiction (ENGL 245J)

JUDS 308 Dead Sea Scrolls (RELG 308)

JUDS 331 Ancient Israel (CLAS 331/RELG 331/HIST 331)

JUDS 332 Jews in the Middle Ages (RELG 332/HIST 332)

JUDS 333 Jews in the Modern World (HIST 333)

JUDS 334 Jews, Christians and the Bible (RELG 334)*

JUDS 339 The Holocaust (HIST 339)*

JUDS 340 Women in the Biblical World (RELG 340/WMNS 340)

JUDS 345 European Jewish Philosophy (PHIL 345)*

JUDS 398 Special Topics in Judaic Studies

JUDS 406 Second Temple Judaism (RELG 406)

JUDS 476 Ethnic Conflict and Identity (POLS 476)*

JUDS 477 Israel & the Middle East (POLS 477)*

*May not be automatically credited toward minor. Contact program advisor.

List 2 – Other Departments

CLAS 409 Religion of Late Western Antiquity (HIST 409/RELG 409)

ENGL 341 The Bible as Literature

ENGL 462A Ideas of Ethnicity in Medieval Literature*

HEBR 101 Elementary Biblical Hebrew I

HEBR 102 Elementary Biblical Hebrew II

HEBR 301 Biblical Hebrew Prose

HEBR 302 Biblical Hebrew Poetry

HIST 209 Ancient Greece (CLAS 409)

MODL 232 Jewish Idea in Modern Literature (ENGL 232)

PHIL 116 Philosophy and Religious Belief

PHIL 223 Introduction to the Philosophy of History

PHIL 265 Philosophy of Religion

PHIL 332 Spinoza

RELG 181 Judaism, Christianity & Islam*

RELG 206 Ways of Western Religion*

Nationality & Race Relations (ETHN 217)

SOCI 452 Sociology of Religion