Courses In Judaic Studies

Industries, jobs and technologies change. Our program empowers you to focus broadly — develop a wide knowledge base — so you can see what’s coming, and be ready to lead the way. Below are links to courses for undergraduate, graduate as well as minor requirements.

Course Offered Fall 2017

JUDS 205: Intro Hebrew Bible
Professor Sidnie Crawford

JUDS 209: Judaism and Christianity in Conflict and Coexistence
Professor Stephen Burnett

JUDS 217: Israel: The Holy Land 
Professor Stephen Burnett

JUDS 350: Literature of Judaism 
Professor Jean Cahan

JUDS 398: Special Topics: Religion, Politics, and the Military in Contemporary Israel
Instructor Shlomo Abramovich

JUDS 345: Modern European Jewish Philosophy 
Professor Jean Cahan 

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Special Topics: Religion, Politics, and the Military in Contemporary Israel
Instructor: Shlomo Abramovich
New time: Wednesdays, 6-8 p.m.

“Settlements,” “West Bank,” “Occupation”. These are all much-used terms in the media, but how much do students really know and understand about Israel and its relations with its neighbors? The goal of this course is give a broad picture of Israeli society, its dynamics and tensions. We will use modern research tools, as well as recent Israeli movies, to learn new perspectives on and In Israel.


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  • Morris, Benny. One State, Two States: Resolving the Israel/Palestine Conflict. New Haven: Yale University press, 2009.
  • Cohen, Stuart. The Scroll or the Sword? Dilemmas of Religion and Military Service in Israel. Amsterdam, 1997.
  • Liebman, Charles S. and Eliezer Don-Yehiya. Civil Religion in Israel. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1983.