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The undergraduate program in Jewish Studies includes a wide range of courses in history, religious studies, political science, philosophy, sociology, and anthropology. Many students find it quite easy to add the minor to their study plans, as it requires just two core courses; the remaining four courses may be completed in the discipline(s) of the student’s choosing, provided that they have been approved by the undergraduate program advisor. There is not a major available at this time.

Focusing on Judaism as a religion, a culture, and an ethnicity, the field of Jewish Studies encompasses diverse aspects of the human experience. We study Judaism alongside its fellow Abrahamic traditions, Christianity and Islam, teasing apart the historical and theological connections between them. We explore the history of the Jewish people and of Jewish texts, examining how they shaped and were shaped by the surrounding cultures in which they lived. We also examine the philosophical legacy of Jewish thinkers, teachers, and writers -- from the Talmudic sages to authors of contemporary American fiction.

In addition, the undergraduate Jewish Studies program at UNL has particular strengths in Holocaust Studies; Near Eastern Studies; Israel and the Middle East; early Judaism and Jewish history; and contemporary Jewish identities.