Steven Burnett

Stephen Burnett Classics & Religious Studies

Jewish-Christian relations in early modern Europe (c. 1450-1750), Christian Hebraism, German Jewish printing

Jean Cahan Harris Center Director, 2005 -
Philosophy and Political Science

Modern European philosophy, modern Jewish thought, Spinoza, anti-Semitism, political theory, Israel and modern Jewish identity

Sidnie Crawford Classics & Religious Studies

Second Temple Judaism, Dead Sea Scrolls, textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible

Bedross Der Matossian History

Ethnic Politics in the Middle East, inter-ethnic violence in the Ottoman Empire, 19th- and 20th-century social and economic history of the Middle East, modern Armenian history

Ari Kohen Political Science

Political philosophy, human rights, restorative justice, Israel and the Middle East

Naomi Leite Sociology

Social identities, cross-cultural variation in models of Jewishness, cultural globalization, tourism and heritage, museums

Brian Lepard College of Law

International human rights law; humanitarianism; perspectives of world religions on human rights; comparative religious law and ethics

Philip Schwadel Sociology

Sociology of religion, social inequality, social change, civic and political participation, expressions of religious identity

Jordan Soliz Communication Studies

Social identity, intergroup communication, multiethnic and interfaith families, intergroup (including interfaith) contact in online spaces

Gerald Steinacher History

Jewish history and the Holocaust, National Socialism, Italian Fascism, Intelligence history

John Turner Classics & Religious Studies

Biblical studies, Hellenistic and Greco-Roman religion and philosophy, Gnosticism, later periods of Platonism and Neoplatonism