Stephen Burnett

Steve spoke on "Jewish Teachers, Christian Hebraists and The Transmission of Jewish Learning in Sixteenth Century Europe" at The Melton Center for Jewish Studies at Ohio State University in February 2013.

He also gave an invited paper on David Gans at The Charles University of Prague in May 2013.

In September of the same year Steve attended a conference commemorating the 400th year of higher education in the city of Hamburg, delivering a plenary lecture on "Hebraists at the Johanneum in Hamburg before Reimarus (1613-1727)."

Jean Cahan

Jean wrote a paper on "Literary Theory and the Delegitimization of Israel" to be presented at a conference at Indiana University in April 2014.

She helped raise additional funds for the Harris Center and testified before the Nebraska Hall of Fame Commission in support of the nomination of Alvin Johnson (first president of the New School for Social Research in New York).

In spring 2014, after more than a year of planning, The Harris Center will co-sponsor an international symposium  and a summer course on "Water Security and Peace in the Middle East, the U.S. and Around the World," together with The Daugherty Water for Food Center and the Global Studies program.

Gerald Steinacher

Gerald is currently working on a large number of projects: Polish and French editions of his book Nazis on the Run; a new book project, The Red Cross and the Nazis: How the Humanitarians Faced the Holocaust (under contract with Oxford University Press); and a paper "The End of 1942: A Turning Point for the Humanitarians?" to be included in a volume published by Yad Vashem.

In May 2014 he will speak at the University of Torun (Poland) and in June will give a paper on U.S. foreign intelligence at the annual conference of the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations.

Sidnie W. Crawford

Sidnie published several articles in 2013, including "Song of Miriam" in Outside the Bible: Ancient Jewish Writings Related to Scripture (L.H. Feldman, J. Kugel and L.H. Schiffman, eds.; Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society) and "John D. Turner: An Appreciation," in a volume published by Brill. John Turner has been a faculty member in Classics and Religious Studies for many decades and participated in the discussions surrounding the beginnings of The Harris Center.

Sidnie also presented papers at the Society of Biblical Literature meeting in November 2013; an international symposium in Munich in March 2013; and spoke on "Interpreting the Bible through Scribal Processes: the Evidence from the Qumran Manuscripts," at the University of Helsinki.

Bedross Der Matossian

Bedross's book manuscript, Shattered Dreams, will appear with Stanford University Press in Fall 2014.

He also spoke on "Between Religious and Secular: the Impact of the Revolution on Religious Politics in the Ottoman Empire," at the Middle East Studies Association annual meeting in October 2013.

Ari Kohen

Ari's second book, Untangling Heroism: Classical Philosophy and the Concept of the Hero, was published by Routledge in Fall 2013. He continues to serve as director of the Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs program.