About the Harris Center

The Harris Center for Judaic Studies promotes and supports scholarship in Jewish Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Founded in 1991 with an emphasis on educating the people of the Great Plains region about Jewish civilization and the nature and history of anti-Semitism, as well as promoting understanding between Jews and non-Jews, today the Harris Center serves as a vibrant center of academic activity and public programming.

We offer a minor in Jewish Studies, support for undergraduate and graduate research, and a scholarly community for faculty working on topics related to Jewish Studies, broadly conceived. We provide a wide range of courses in the fields of history, political science, religious studies, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, and Jewish languages and literatures, taught by our affiliated faculty.

With particular strengths in the history of Judaism, the history and politics of the Middle East, the Holocaust, anti-Semitism and other forms of discrimination, Jewish philosophy, and global Jewish diversity, the Harris Center has become a hub for interdisciplinary scholarship. We count among our resources the University of Nebraska Press, which has long had a strong line of publications in Jewish Studies and now handles publication and distribution of books from the Jewish Publication Society.

The Harris Center regularly presents public lectures, conferences, and symposia in the field of Jewish Studies. To be added to our program mailing list, send an email to hcjs@unl.edu.